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PwC provides more than 30 customized solutions for your company's digitalization process. At PwC, we have been noticing specific Trending Business Needs and are convinced that they are essential for a successful digital transformation of a company. Find out more about:


In the face of the constant changes in the society in which it operates, the company must transform itself to survive. However, mastering compliance requirements can be a source of value creation and performance. Faced with increasing regulatory pressure, are you adequately equipped? Can you ensure your company's compliance at all levels?


Not surprisingly, the number of recorded cyberattacks is on the rise, and companies are not the only ones innovating in terms of practices; attackers are too. In this context, the modernization and optimization of cyber technologies and investments should be your top priorities.

Operational Excellence

In a context of increasing disruptions, operational excellence is a priority for companies to support their performance and address profitability challenges. 39% of executives believe that technological disruptions will impact the profitability of their sector in the next 10 years (26th Global CEO Survey, PwC): are the technologies used by your organization generating the desired impact?

Risk & Regulatory

In a context of permacrisis, leaders must ensure they have a robust risk management strategy to enhance their resilience and operational efficiency. Is your company prepared to assess long-term risks? Are you effectively leveraging your technological portfolio for a more robust risk management strategy?


The challenges posed by CSR, coupled with the pressure from stakeholders, compel the company to undergo profound transformation, forcing it to question and rethink its model. The issues are broad and foundational: technology is a tremendous asset to help you integrate CSR into your strategy.

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Delve into our diverse collection of around 30 meticulously designed business solutions. Whether you're seeking to improve your sustainability efforts, enhance cybersecurity, streamline financial processes, or drive workforce transformation, we have a solution to meet your unique needs. Dive in and discover how PwC can help elevate your business to new heights.

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