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Carbon Cockpit

Keep your IT equipment’s carbon footprint in check

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Your challenge

Only 22% of French CEOs have taken steps towards carbon neutrality.

Benefits of Carbon Cockpit

Save time

Accelerate your organisation’s CSR transformation by reducing its carbon footprint. Carbon Cockpit gives you the tools to simplify your decision-making and take more effective measures. Assess your impact in two weeks, save time in the implementation of your action plan.

Limit your carbon footprint

Manage your IT carbon footprint over time: you will know on which factors to base your action plan on and better manage risks related to new regulations.

Get a 360° overview

Contrast your approach to your peers: with a 360° overview of your organisation’s environmental impact, you can identify best practices to build on in just a few clicks.

Contribute to your non-financial performance

The environment and the Net Zero objective are priorities for companies. With Carbon Cockpit, you can improve your performance and strengthen your brand image.

"Carbon Cockpit allows us to easily monitor the change in our carbon footprint and the impact of our actions on our carbon reduction goals."

Raphaël Hélion, Chief Information and Technology Officer (CITO), PwC France


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