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Your challenge

Internal auditors or risk managers, you have an increasing need to strengthen and even clarify the assurance that is given by the different control and audit functions on the main risks of your organisation.​

Benefits of Risk Assurance Map


Objective vision of the risk areas requiring an improvement in the degree of assurance obtained through the various "audit" type actions carried out by all the actors inside and outside the company.



Intuitive and graphical tool that allows you to work in a collaborative way. Ability to initiate the process in a progressive and collaborative way, by domain or by project and personalised to your colours.


Secure documentation of the process to involve risk owners in their responsibility fields.



SaaS product deployable in the PwC environment.

"The principle of assurance mapping has been present for several years in numerous articles, including those published by risk management solutions, and in the recommendations of the internal audit profession. The rare examples of implementation remain poorly equipped, and more often than not result in an Excel file that is not very usable and often even anxiety-provoking. The development of this application is a first step towards a sufficiently high standard in the application of an approach that must be simple, collaborative and actionable."

Jean-Pierre Hottin, Partner Risk & Regulatory, PwC France & Maghreb


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