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Threat Watch

Anticipate threats and strengthen your organization’s security
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For French executives, Cyber risk is considered as the number one risk to manage for their organizations.​

Benefits of Threat Watch

A 360° view of risks

Focus on the most relevant information according to risk categories, adapted to your challenges, classified according to targeted levels of analysis (strategic, tactical, or operational).

Customized solution

Benefit from an analysis specific to your environment, with personalized alerts 24 hours a day.

Reliable data with high added value

Access over 500 cyber threat reports of custom content PwC. Increase your protection with more than 200,000 technical indicators, half coming from our incident response activity.

Direct contact with PwC experts

Speak directly with PwC's cybersecurity and risk experts.

"The question is not if an organization will be affected by a crisis, but when. No organization is exempt. In a context where the number of attacks is clearly increasing, anticipation starts with preparedness."

Philippe Baumgart, Cyber Intelligence Partner, Threat Assessment, Response and Anticipation, PwC France

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