Asset-based expertise

Tool for Environmental Assessment and Measurement

Measure the environmental impact of your products and services, manage your strategy

Your challenge

42% of European companies have not yet made a commitment to net zero emissions or carbon neutrality.​

Benefits of Tool for Environmental Assessment and Measurement

Power and flexibility of the solution

Modeling for any system representing different operations related to products and processes.

Easy to use

An intuitive and easy-to-use interface for modeling via multi-level structures (Russian dolls principle), to simply carry out the eco-design of a product/service via predefined bases, whether you are an expert or not.

Time saving

Carry out in a few days LCAs, eco-design, environmental product declarations and calculate externalities to define your strategy and action plans.

"Taking into account sustainability issues throughout the value chain of a product or service is now a major element of value creation. To do so in a serious, opposable and constructed manner requires the use of robust, efficient and innovative methodologies and tools. Based on the international methodology of Life Cycle Assessment, our Tool for Environmental Assessment & Measurement solution provides quantified results that are the key to true social and environmental innovation in terms of supply, impact analysis and eco-design. In other areas, notably in the development of impact analysis, monetization such as E P&L or Sustainability P&L, our solution is at the heart of the reactor of these calculation methodologies."

Sylvain Lambert, Partner, ESG Platform, Sustainability Leader, Pwc France & Maghreb


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