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Save time and control your risks: outsource your annual legal monitoring

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Your challenge

In 2020, 62% of legal departments believed that their team's workload would increase over the next 24 months.

The benefits of Automated Corporate Compliance

Accélérez votre transformation digitale de la fonction juridique

Vous automatisez certaines missions, telles que la rédaction de documents juridiques, et contribuez ainsi la digitalisation de votre équipe juridique.

Save time

Thanks to high-performance technologies and optimised processes, you'll receive your legal documentation quickly, freeing up your in-house lawyers' time to concentrate on higher added-value assignments.

Reduce the risk of errors

You get legal documents that comply with the relevant regulations. The risk of error is drastically reduced by the automated production process for legal documents. This is based on your financial data, which is securely imported into the solution via the Engagement Center platform. The combination of our expertise and technology enables you to improve your legal risk management at a lower cost.

Control your costs

Outsourcing corporate compliance allows you to optimise the time spent by your in-house legal resources, and to benefit from greater visibility and flexibility when it comes to mobilising expert resources.

"Our Automated Corporate Compliance offering is just as suitable for SMEs as it is for ETIs and large groups. The combination of our legal expertise and the technologies we use will enable you to control the risks and costs of your corporate compliance."

Christophe Guénard, Partner in charge of the Legal Practice at PwC Société d'Avocats

The main stages of support for Automated Corporate Compliance


Organising and customising the annual calendar


Collecting the information and transmitting the EDI file needed to draft the legal documentation


Preparation of legal documentation using an automated system (LegalPilot)


Electronic signatures via DocuSign


Follow-up of legal formalities


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