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Manage the carbon footprint of your business travels

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In 2020, transportation accounted for 31% of greenhouse gas emissions in France and is very often the primary source of carbon emissions in companies. ​

Benefits of Environmental Footprint Insights

Reduction of the carbon footprint

Measure and optimize the carbon footprint of travels within your organization.

Employer Brand

Mobilize employees around this goal of carbon footprint reduction.

ESG Data

Benefit from indicators (CO2 emissions) allowing you to feed your ESG reports or to value the transport share in the carbon footprint of your customers' services.

Carbon footprint monitoring

Measure progress and achievement of carbon footprint reduction goals.

"PwC France & Maghreb aims to use environmentally friendly technology to support the ecological transition. This is why we have deployed Environmental Footprint Insights, as well as tools to manage the carbon footprint of our technology equipment and IT projects."

Raphael Hélion , Chief Information and Technology Officer at PwC France & Maghreb


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