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Compromise Discovery

Hunt for compromissions from your Information System
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Your challenge

Computer attacks have grown exponentially, targeting both businesses and governments.​

Benefits of Compromise Discovery


Easy to deploy at scale. No specific agent to install.

Threat analysis

Identify risky behaviors and suspicious traces that may indicate an ongoing or past attack.

Compliance validation

Provide an accurate analysis of the compliance of your IT assets.

"We developed the Compromise Discovery solution in response to a question frequently asked by our clients following our security assessments : "I now know that I am at risk, but is it already too late ?". Our approach has allowed us to identify discrete attacks on our clients' most at-risk perimeters : for example, the presence of banking malware on a branch treasurer's workstation, remote access to an executive assistant's environment, or the presence of unsecured remote access solutions left on a critical server by a supplier."

Jamal Basrire, Cybersecurity Partner, PwC France and Maghreb 


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