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Continuous Monitoring Platform

Monitor your company's compliance with procedures in real time

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67% of companies do not have the right tools to foresee, control and manage risks. ​

Benefits of Continuous Monitoring Platform


Modularity, ability to adapt to any type of environment and ease of deployment.


Ability to monitor a broad spectrum of transactions, processes and data from any type of system on financial, commercial, tax, HR or IT issues.

Fast deployment

Secure Azure cloud solution with SSO that can be set up in a few hours.


Provision of a library of controls for the main ERPs on the market.

Benefits of Continuous Monitoring Platform


Transparency of the solution's scripts allowing the code to be adjusted in case of modification or improvement of an internal process.

Audit trail

Ability to download test results and associated documentation at the end of a test campaign.

"The Continuous Monitoring Platform solution, thanks to its flexibility and technical model, allows for the rapid initiation of a targeted and digitalized approach to managing controls that are important for the company. It is particularly well suited to meeting the challenges of Sapin 2. The transition to scale can be done progressively."

Jean-Pierre Hottin, Partner, PwC France & Maghreb


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