Managed Cyber Risk

PwC’s Managed Cyber Risk (MCR) is a self-service platform helping to measure and report cyber risks based on advanced real-time risk analysis, display progress in reducing them, and identify remediation priorities.

Your challenge

Measuring and reporting on cyber risk is not easy. Many organisations struggle to answer the following key questions :

Key features

MCR Core

The MCR Core module includes strategic reports that analyze objective achievement and risk alignment with appetite, while security reports examine control maturity, effectiveness, and threat realities through benchmarking.

MCR Portfolio

The MCR Portfolio module Release enhances risk management with a new risk treatment process. It includes a benefits analysis feature for informed decision-making and an Investment prioritisation function for efficient resource allocation.

MCR Quant

The MCR Quant module release introduces a risk quantification process for precise risk assessment. It incorporates an RoI analysis feature for evaluating investment returns and an Insurance Modelling function for simulating various insurance scenarios.

Benefits of Managed Cyber Risk

Risk analytics, reporting and orchestration solution, enabling Exec and Board cyber risk reporting.

Flexible cyber risk model, including cyber risk quantification and integrated threat intelligence leveraging PwC’s global platform that provides strategic and technical intel on incidents, threat actors and campaigns.

Sophisticated benefits management that enables the measurement of the control improvement contributions of a portfolio of risk treatment activities.

Customisable pre-loaded content that includes multiple industry control standards mapped to good practise risk factors (i.e. risks, threats and metrics).

Continuous controls monitoring based on ingestion of telemetry from security posture management platforms using APIs to calibrate assessment scores.

Complimentary managed services that support continuous tuning of the risk model, assessment of risk factors, integration of data sources and curation of reports.


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