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95% of executives want to improve their crisis management awareness (Global Crisis Survey 2021, PwC).​

In 2021, there were a record number of incidents: ransomware attacks have increased by 255% since 2020 according to the ANSSI. Faced with the multiplication and sophistication of Cyber attacks, the awareness of employees and top management of companies becomes essential to better anticipate crisis situations.

Train your employees in crisis management with our Virtual Crisis Experience solution.


Benefits of Virtual Crisis Experience

touch_appImmersive experience

With Virtual Crisis Experience, the innovative and immersive virtual awareness experience, project yourself in real conditions in a crisis unit facing a cyber attack.

people_altManagement awareness

Prepare your management to face exceptional circumstances: you confront them with the reality of cyberattacks and the strong impact of decision making in a crisis situation.



Increase the level of common understanding for better anticipation of crisis situations. The game experience enhances users' sensitivity to the subject of cyber crisis management. 

If awareness and the development of procedures and crisis management tools are essential, only preparation in real conditions allows the organization to be truly prepared and to be able to face the crisis.

Julien Muller, Director of Crisis and Resilience, PwC France et Maghreb


One session
  • Provision of equipment
  • 15 participants
  • Coaching by PwC experts
  • Maturity assessment / roadmap and sector benchmark based on the Global Crisis Survey
One day
5.000€Professional exhibitions, team building, onboarding
  • 2 consultant facilitators (1 per session)
  • 15 sessions of 30 minutes (2 sessions in parallel)
  • 10 participants per session
  • Provision of material
Option : On-demand expertise

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What is the added value of Virtual Crisis Experience?

The Virtual Crisis Experience offers many benefits: 

  • Make management members aware of the challenges faced in managing a cyber crisis.
  • Facilitate the adhesion of participants through the immersive aspect of the experience.
  • Offer different roles to play, allowing participants to replay the experience to discover the different angles of view.
How does a session with the solution work?

The session is conducted in person. It starts with an introduction to the VR environment and a presentation of the issues of crisis management by a PwC coach. The simulation scenario depends on the role chosen by the participant. Once chosen, the PwC coach sets up the session from his computer, in the VR headset of the employee. At the end of the session, the PwC expert debriefs with the participants on their feelings and the difficulties encountered during the experience. It is also an opportunity to review your level of maturity and your roadmap.

What resources are available for a Virtual Crisis Experience session?
  • 15 Pico virtual reality headsets
  • 15 audio headsets
  • 1 to 2 PwC experts 
  • 1 scenario allowing to choose between 4 roles: each role requires the player to make a crucial decision for the management of the crisis, which offers 8 different ends to the scenario​
Is the simulation available in French ?

Our sessions are available in French and English.

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