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Your challenge

If you're an HR manager responsible for several sites and you're concerned about estimating and planning human resources, Workforce Planning is the solution for you.

The Workforce Planning solution, developed as part of our partnership with Paris2024, will help you address these issues.

The benefits of Workforce Planning

Improve human resources planning

Based on your own data (integrated by you), you can visualise the resources (quantitative and qualitative) required - per site, per day and, if necessary, per hour - to complete the target project. This gives you precise schedules for each site.

Optimise your costs

Thanks to automated calculations based on the various parameters entered, you can plan your human resources more efficiently. As a result, you can limit the costs associated with recruitment, integration, training, staff turnover and termination of contracts.

Reduce your exposure to regulatory risks

Thanks to Workforce Planning's analysis capabilities, you'll be able to adapt your employees' working hours as closely as possible to their expectations and the needs of the project. You'll reduce regulatory risks and boost employee loyalty.

Make decision-making easier

You can build and compare different scenarios, based on criteria such as: activation periods, number of resources, skills, sites concerned, etc. By configuring the solution, you can fine-tune resource requirements in relation to expected service levels and the financial costs generated.

"Working with PwC enabled us to draw on a proven project methodology to mobilise the organisation and collect and structure the data. It also gave us access to extremely valuable expertise in data management, which enabled us to develop a very qualitative tool, producing the right level of analysis to simulate different scenarios and facilitate decision-making."

Agnès de Saint Céran, Executive Director of Human Resources, Paris 2024

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