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TVA Identification

Verify the compliance of your customer and supplier repository data

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Your Challenge

With the generalization of electronic invoicing (by 2024), companies will have to issue, transmit and receive invoices in electronic form and transmit the invoice data to the tax authorities.​

Benefits of TVA Identification

User friendly

An intuitive interface when adding new third parties.

Time Saving

An automated periodic verification with an audit trail.

Anomaly analysis

A Focus on anomalies.

"Based on our experience, it appears that the quality and reality of intra-Community VAT numbers in the reference systems is often very poor. Thus, to illustrate this observation, some figures are to be underlined on the basis of the missions that we were able to carry out: * about 15% of the VAT fields are not filled in the repositories * when the field is filled in, the rate of anomalies varies between 15% and 30%. * Finally, very often, 25% of the company names entered have little correspondence with the company names known to the tax authorities"

Thomas Estève, Forensics Partner, PwC France & Maghreb


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