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Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) as a Service

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Today, hackers have increasingly complex techniques and advanced technological tools. A historical antivirus whose detection is based on signature and heuristic analysis is unable to detect.

Benefits of Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) as a service

  • Deployment on site/ in the cloud
  • Reduced deployment time
  • Reduced false positive rate
  • Connectivity and API integration with your existing solutions
  • Orchestrated monitoring in real time
Detection and response
  • Proactive and continuous threat detection
  • Powerful detection capabilities based on 5 detection engines (YARA, SIGMA, Ransomguard, HLAI & IoC)
  • High reactivity following a compromise
  • Simplicity of investigation and remediation on the customer environment
  • Integration with our Managed SOC solutions (SIEM, Threat Watch..)
  • Maintenance and operation 24/7


200 endpoints

  • 55.0000€ for 3 years contract


500 endpoints

  • 109.000€ for 3 years contract


1.000 endpoints

  • 123.000€ for 3 years contract


10.000 endpoints

478.000€ for 3 years contract


Endpoint detection and response

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