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47% of companies worldwide believe they have experienced fraud in the past 24 months (PwC Fraud Report, 2020).​

Benefits of Connected eDiscovery

Automatic documents filtering and analysis

Manage all aspects of electronic documents collection and analysis with a simple, user-friendly interface, automated workflows and data analytics.

Facilitation of the investigation

Optimize AI review of electronic documents by taking into account the contextual meaning of words in documents.


Reduce your manual document review effort by 80% with our powerful forensics algorithm to minimize false positives and save time.

"With considerable volumes of documents of all kinds to be analyzed, the investigation must often take a "technological" turn which materializes both in the phase of identification and centralization of relevant data and in the phase of processing of these data ("e-discovery"). Therefore, the company must have the tools and resources to proceed with the collection of relevant data and perform a complete, systematic and methodical analysis or review of the data collected. Mastering these issues is crucial to the success of investigations, whatever their nature. This is why the teams traditionally called upon to participate in this type of investigation are increasingly complemented by specialists in "Forensic Technology" who provide technical solutions to the questions, problems and imperatives generated by the investigation."

Thomas Esteve, Head of Forensic Technology Solutions Group for France at PwC France

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