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In 2021, the process mining solutions market was valued at $627 million and is expected to reach $10 billion by 2028.​

The pandemic has placed the active pursuit of operational efficiency and productivity to support growth at the top of executives' agendas, with more than a third of them relying heavily on technology and automation.
Having advanced technological capabilities to understand and act on processes and performance becomes a major competitive advantage and a way to attract and retain the best talents.

Process Mining tools meet that need and accelerate the search for efficiency and productivity. They provide decision-makers with more relevant information to support in decision making. Large groups have thus equipped themselves with technologies and centers of excellence to accelerate Process Mining and Process Excellence.

How do we access these technologies and convince decision makers of their importance to the company? With our Process Intelligence service dedicated to process optimization and supported by our global partnership with Celonis © , the market leader in this technology, we provide you with these technologies while allowing you to benefit from our expertise.


Benefits of Process Mining Services

timerTime saving

In a standard environment and in a few days, obtain a factual and objective analysis of your processes in place. This productivity gain is a key issue of Process Mining.

exploreProcess exploration

Explore your processes based on your IT system's data and factually assess the average processing time at each step of the process.

editProcess standardization

Identify your ideal course in an operational excellence environment, and compare the most used course with the expected one.

reportIdentification of frictions in the process

Detect manual activities, back and forth modifications, loops, bottlenecks and deviations from the nominal process...

comparePractice benchmark

Compare practices among users, sites, entities and/or third parties, etc. 

touch_appContinuous improvement

Implement continuous improvement through the execution of alert workflows, and manual/automatic actions on targeted anomalies.

Process mining technologies offer a unique opportunity to analyze processes as they are actually implemented and to quickly identify priorities for improvement, whether it is in terms of performance, cost reduction or risk control.

Jean-Pierre Hottin, Risk Management Associate, PwC France & Maghreb



Starting at 40.000€ Diagnosis of a process on a perimeter to be defined
  • From 15.000 € for a new measurement on the same perimeter and to measure the evolutions between 4 and 12 months later. 
  • The diagnosis includes the recommendation of actions that could be integrated into a continuous improvement service with associated Business Cases. 
  • The entry cost is given as an indication for a simple process such as P2P, on an ERP with connectors.
Continuous Improvement Service
Starting at 40.000€Following a diagnosis
  • Industrialization of the diagnosis and run of automation solutions (alerts, controls, end-to-end workflows), including the provision of daily or real time reporting (from a connection to the IS) of the improvements obtained.
  • This service includes access for your employees to the platform managed by PwC.
  • The entry cost is given as an indication for a connection to your systems, a daily or real time refreshed data, 3 parameterized actions, 3 client users and 50 GB of managed data.

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Should the data be extracted from my IS?

No, this is not mandatory.
In the context of a diagnosis, it is recommended that you extract the data and then share it with PwC using our secure platform or your own.
If you are focused on continuous improvement, you can connect a Process Mining solution directly to your systems. 
The library of standard connectors speeds up the data, model and dashboard preparation phases.

How is the data extracted?

There are two possibilities:

  1. You carry out the extraction from your information system: you have the technical capacity to extract the data (IT department) and thus provide them directly to us according to the business specifications (scope of the analysis).
  2. PwC intervenes in the extraction: we offer you a tool (PwC Xtract) to extract the data. It is an application that automates transactions and runs directly in your ERP.
In the context of an extraction, how is the data transmitted?

We have a dedicated application: Connect. 

It is a highly secure and certified file deposit and collaboration platform. A dedicated PwC/Client space will be created to link your teams with ours. This application is regularly used with our key account clients with sensitive data.

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