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67% of companies do not have the right tools to foresee, control and manage risks. ​

Regulatory requirements, stakeholder demands or simply the ever-pressing need to control your risks require you to reinforce the traceability and efficiency of critical controls of your company's main processes.

These requirements call for a digitalization effort, which requires significant investments to adapt existing systems.

Continuous Monitoring Platform is our real-time continuous monitoring solution that allows you to automate and strengthen your internal control execution.


Benefits of Continuous Monitoring Platform 


Modularity, ability to adapt to any type of environment and ease of deployment.


Ability to monitor a broad spectrum of transactions, processes and data from any type of system on financial, commercial, tax, HR or IT issues.

peopleFast deployment

Secure Azure cloud solution with SSO that can be set up in a few hours.


Provision of a library of controls for the main ERPs on the market.


Transparency of the solution's scripts allowing the code to be adjusted in case of modification or improvement of an internal process.


assignmentAudit trail

Ability to download test results and associated documentation at the end of a test campaign.

The Continuous Monitoring Platform solution, thanks to its flexibility and technical model, allows for the rapid initiation of a targeted and digitalized approach to managing controls that are important for the company. It is particularly well suited to meeting the challenges of Sapin 2. The transition to scale can be done progressively.

Jean-Pierre Hottin, Partner, PwC France & Maghreb



From 30.000€SME
  • Setup: 5.000€. 
  • Controls definition & setup : between 5.000€ and 20.000€. 
  • Annual subscription : 20.000€ for 10 controls 
  • Additional package of 10 controls per system and per month (excluding development): 3.000€. 
From 50.000€Enterprise
  • Setup: 25.000€. 
  • Controls definition & setup : between 5.000€ and 20.000€. 
  • Annual subscription : 20.000€ for 10 controls 
  • Additional package of 10 controls per system and per month (excluding development): 3.000€. 

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How long does it take to implement the Continuous Monitoring Platform?

Initial agent setup and activation of a few standard monitors from our library takes 3 to 4 hours. Adding monitors specific to your needs requires an average of 4-8 hours of creation and testing per monitor, depending on complexity. 

Defining end-users, assigning their functional rights and training them depends on the size of the organization is most often in the range of 8 to 40 hours.

How is the data secured?

Each client has its own database with all required security parameters, based on an MVC framework. PwC performs monthly penetration tests to ensure security. Microsoft provides several security related reports such as SOC1, SOC2, ISAE 3402 and ISO 27001. Single Sign On or two-factor authentication is always required to access data.

What types of controls does the Continuous Monitoring Platform perform?
  • Orders initiated and approved by the same person
  • Changes made to bank account numbers
  • Unauthorized changes to bank account numbers​
Does PwC have access to my data?

Access to the data in the tool is controlled by access rights directly in CMP. This means that you have control over access rights, which means that PwC must request access in order to view the data. Access to data through direct database access is controlled 24/7 by Azure. 

In the event of direct database access, customers receive a notification mail. This ensures that any access by our development team or Microsoft is detected and reported.

Do you have a library of standard tests when you start the tool?

The Continuous Monitoring Platform has a library of over 100 standard controls for the major ERP systems on the market (including SAP).

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