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Only 22% of French CEOs have taken steps towards carbon neutrality.

Amid the fight against climate change, French CEOs acknowledge the fact that they are lagging behind in reducing their organisations’ carbon footprint.

Climate change is a challenge for every part of a business, especially for the digital part. The environmental cost of digital technology is clear : its impact on climate change has grown exponentially over the years. In accordance with France’s REEN law, organisations are required to contribute to sustainable development goals and put in place an action plan aimed at reducing the environmental impact of their digital practices.

Carbon Cockpit is the platform you need to assess the environmental footprint of your infrastructure and make an action plan to reduce it.


Benefits of Carbon Cockpit

dialpadSave time

Accelerate your organisation’s CSR transformation by reducing its carbon footprint. Carbon Cockpit gives you the tools to simplify your decision-making and take more effective measures. Assess your impact in two weeks, save time in the implementation of your action plan.

event_availableLimit your carbon footprint

Manage your IT carbon footprint over time: you will know on which factors to base your action plan on and better manage risks related to new regulations.

peopleGet a 360° overview

Contrast your approach to your peers: with a 360° overview of your organisation’s environmental impact, you can identify best practices to build on in just a few clicks.

computerContribute to your non-financial performance

The environment and the Net Zero objective are priorities for companies. With Carbon Cockpit, you can improve your performance and strengthen your brand image.

Carbon Cockpit allows us to easily monitor the change in our carbon footprint and the impact of our actions on our carbon reduction goals.

Raphaël Hélion, Chief Information and Technology Officer (CITO), PwC France



Carbon Professional
15k€ /yearUp to 1 500 employees
  • 3k€ set-up
  • Scope (laptops, smartphones, screens)
  • One year commitment
Carbon Enterprise
Price on demandMore than 10 000 employees

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Why a Carbon Cockpit?
The cockpit has two objectives:
  1. It quickly provides an initial carbon footprint of your IT equipment, helping you understand it and improve it.
  2. It serves to monitor the change in this footprint over time, identify best practices in your organisation and simulate the potential gains by adjusting for the life span and impact of your future equipment. You will also be able to back-calculate your footprint if your Net Zero trajectory baseline is in the past.
Who is Carbon Cockpit for?

This product is designed to provide information systems departments and CTOs with an overview, allowing infrastructure and support teams to visualise the carbon footprint and its evolution, so that they can help manage it. It provides information for your company’s carbon assessment.

Can I use the service if I have not yet carried out an inventory of my IT ecosystem?

You don’t need to have inventoried all of your equipment to start using the Carbon Cockpit.
You can take it step by step, starting with inventories of user equipment that represent a large part of your carbon footprint : workstations, smartphones, screens, etc. You will also need the date of purchase of your equipment. If the exact date is unavailable, give an approximate date to the nearest quarter.

Once my data is extracted, how is it transmitted and stored?

Using PwC’s secure Data Plaform access accounts, you upload your data file and a settings file, then launch Carbon Cockpit to analyse your footprint from multiple angles (type of equipment, life cycle, power consumption, change over time, comparison between entities in your organisation, etc.).

What recommendations can you give me once the diagnostic has been performed?

On your first upload, we will do a consistency check and help you interpret your data. PwC can then support you from drawing up a complete carbon footprint for your information systems department to implement an action plan and KPIs.

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