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Source-to-Secure Optimizer

Identify your at-risk procurement and quickly put together a security plan with alternative local suppliers

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Developing its supplier portfolio is one of the direct responses to risk management in a context of environmental and geopolitical constraints.​

Benefits of Source-to-Secure Optimizer

Clear cartography

Instantly obtain a clear, multi-axis mapping of your purchases: you can analyze your purchases in an exhaustive and guided manner (dependency rate, criticality, optimization, rationalization of the number of suppliers, etc.).


Quickly identify the sources of risk (financial, CSR, geopolitical...) of your suppliers and secure your supply chain for the most critical goods and services.

Local sourcing

Receive a proposal from local alternative suppliers with the capacity, certifications and characteristics that meet your needs in order to secure your supplies.

Anticipez les contrôles fiscaux

Vous préparez sereinement votre contrôle FEC grâce à l’identification des zones à risque en devançant les questions de l'administration.

"This approach has enabled us to find alternative suppliers, including in areas where we thought we knew all the suppliers. We are going to integrate them in our next consultations."

Director of Purchasing, Building Materials Manufacturer | Expert Feedback

"This analysis gives us a comprehensive view of the risks of our supplier panel, which helped us establish our strategic plan for securing supplies."

Purchasing Director, Agricultural Equipment Trade

"The project has brought us a high quality analysis and is fully compatible with our cost reduction actions already undertaken."

Purchasing, Building and Civil Engineering Director


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