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Faced with the increasing volume of legal work and profitability constraints, more than 70% of European legal departments have put the issue of Automated Document Production on the agenda of their 2020-2023 strategy.​

Today, legal department teams spend a significant amount of time drafting and reviewing legal documentation that is essential to their activities. Faced with the increasing volume of matters to be handled by these teams and the demands of profitability, the ability to control legal risk while optimizing the time spent on these matters has become a major challenge. The harmonization of practices, the sharing of information to the operational teams as well as the securing of the update of key clauses are as many stakes to which technology can answer today.

In partnership with Legal Pilot, a French legaltech, PwC Société d'Avocats proposes a packaged solution of "Document and Contract Automation" allowing to automate the creation of your legal documents easily.


Benefits of PwC Document Automation Solution

buildAutonomy of your teams

The interface has been designed for a seamless experience that allows you to easily create legal documents on your own

euro_symbolCost reduction

The platform saves legal teams time on both document production and review.


timerSpeed and quality of production

The platform can save up to 80% of time on the production of standardized and recurring documents.

touch_appFlexibility of support

Choose the offer that suits you and the degree of autonomy you want for the modeling of your legal documents. Our expert teams in document automation will accompany you if necessary.

The production of your legal documentation enters a new era, faster, more secure and more digital. Our partnership with Legal Pilot is part of PwC Société d'Avocats' clear approach to confirm its position as a major player in the legal transformation of the legal profession and more specifically of legal departments.

Christophe Guénard, Partner in charge of the Legal Practice at PwC Société d'Avocats



Legal Pilot license from 99€.Per month, per user
  • Your personal modeling workspace.
  • Access to the Legal Pilot Standard knowledge base.
License options : 
  • 99€ with commitment.
  • 129€ without commitment.
Optional accompaniment: 
  • Kick-Off with a PwC Law Firm Project Manager on estimate.
Business +
Coaching from 10,000€Package
All the advantages of the Premium plus option: 
  • Personalized à la carte support (Project management, training, follow-up and assistance with the realization of models, creation and testing of models, legal advice, etc.).

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How do I get started with the platform?
The proposed solution is simple and easy to use. According to the chosen formula, you will have access to :
  • training materials and tutorials for those who wish to be completely autonomous
  • training by a PwC Project Manager who will guide you through the use of the tool from start to finish.
How long does it take to automate a document?
Everything can depend on the document to be modeled and its complexity, but also on the level and the modeling habit of the user. In practice, it will take you a maximum of 2 hours to automate a simple document of about ten pages with about twenty questions.
How is the data secured?
Your data are stored on a protected repertory in the central server of Legal Pilot, located in Roubaix, whose lodging is ensured by the OVH company.
Daily backups are made. Other options are possible on estimate according to the selected subscription.
Do you provide document templates?
We provide you with several standard templates that you can use to model your documents. Depending on the subscription selected, you can make more specific requests.

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