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Since 1st January 2018, the Sapin 2 law requires companies with more than 50 employees to set up a whistleblowing system to ensure the confidentiality of reports and the protection of whistleblowers.​

On 21st March 2022, a new law aimed at transposing the European directive was enacted. This law reinforces the protection and the support of whistleblowers. Compared to its neighbors, France is the country with the least tools in terms of whistleblower management, and in particular, only one third of SMEs have a whistleblower management system. This solution is backed by our partnership with Whistleblower Software ©.

Benefits of Whistleblowing Services

touch_appErgonomic design
  • Simple, intuitive and customizable solution 
  • No limitation on the number of users
  • Possibility of collecting alerts in more than 70 languages regardless of the size of the company 
  • Preservation of the confidentiality of alerts
  • Possibility to launch alerts anonymously
  • Data hosting in Europe
  • GDPR compliant solution 
  • ISO 27001 & ISAE 3000 certification for information security and data protection

The advantage of this solution is its ease of use and flexibility. It preserves the confidentiality of information, unlike a simple generic mailbox. And the use of PwC for the management of alerts brings real added value by guaranteeing anonymous processing (if desired) of reports.

Sandra Lasagni, Director of Ethics and Compliance, PwC France & Maghreb


SME subscription: 50-250 employees
6.000€the 1st year, 3.000€ the following years
  • Initial setup: Parameterization & customization of the solution - 3000 €. 
  • Annual access to the platform: Including an acknowledgement of receipt service - 3000€. 


  • Alert processing: 1.500€ per alert up to 10 alerts /year.
  • Processing of an additional alert: 1.000€.
  • Definition of the alert management process: 10.000€.
Enterprise Subscription: 2000-10 000 employees
12.600€the 1st year, 9.600€ the following years
  • Initial setup: Parameterization & customization of the solution, 3.000€. 
  • Annual access to the platform: Including an acknowledgement of receipt service, 9.600€. 


  • Processing of alerts, 1.500€ per alert up to 10 alerts/year
  • Processing of an additional alert: 1.000€.
  • Definition of the alert management process: 10.000€.

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Can I subscribe to this service if I have not defined my alert process?
Yes, access to the platform is independent of the definition of the process for launching and processing alerts. However, it is advisable to have defined the process beforehand in order to set up the platform to meet the requirements of the whistleblower protection law.
How do my employees access the alert system?
Whistleblowing Services is a web-based service that can be accessed by your employees via a link on your company's intranet and/or in your alert initiation and handling procedure.
How is the confidentiality of the alerts issued guaranteed?

The whistleblower has individual access to the platform, protected by a password, and the possibility to remain anonymous. The platform is certified for IT security and data protection according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (for servers and system management) and ISAE 3000.
In addition, the data is stored on servers in an ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3 certified facility. PwC employees in charge of processing alerts are bound by confidentiality obligations in accordance with the professional standards applicable to the firm.

How are alerts analyzed, and by whom?
Alerts are received by a member of PwC's Forensics team. First, he or she acknowledges receipt of the alert. Then, he or she analyzes the admissibility of the alert and confirms to the whistleblower the follow-up that will be given. Exchanges are secure and centralized on the platform. If an investigation is required, PwC can conduct it if your company has subscribed to the option.

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